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FREE Credit Repair

3 FREE credit repair videos

Watch three free credit repair videos and learn valuable information to - Get your accurate credit profile information, raise your credit score, and get approved for new credit such as credit cards, auto loans, and home mortgages.

Fresh Start Credit Repair Program

720 credit score in as little as three months

Complete credit repair system. Watch 13 step-by-step credit repair video guides which will walk you through raising your credit score. Do it at your own pace and in as little as three months, you can achieve a 720 or higher credit score. Additionally, this complete training system gives you workbooks and guides to help you be successful at raising your credit score. Don't let bad credit control your life any longer. Get started with our affordable and easy to use credit repair program and start enjoying all the security in having a high credit score has to offer.


We do the work.

Dedicated consultant assigned to your profile. Build an "action plan" and achieve all your goals.
  • Raise credit score
  • Approval for a loans and credit cards
  • Obtain a new car
  • Home mortgage approval

Your satisfaction is guaranteed and we put it in writing.


Fresh Start Credit Repair

Complete Credit Repair

At Credit Renovations, we work with each individual client to map out a strategy and plan to rebuild their credit life. We help thousands of people restore their financial well-being to normal. There truly is a way to rebuild your credit profile, and in most cases; it can happen much quicker then you think.

Credit Renovations staff is made up of experts in the financial, credit repair, lending, legal, and real estate industries. We realize there are many levels of need when it comes to credit repair. With this in mind, our credit repair options cover everything ranging from checking a single credit card limit to recovering from a full-blown finacial meltdown such as a foreclosure or a bankruptcy. We have the tools and resources to help you.

Do you want to buy a home? We can get that accomplished for you.

Do you need legal counsel to help you with a credit issue? We can help.

Need to plan for the future and give yourself and your family financial security? Our team can provide these services.

Our credit repair options, make raising your credit score, rebuilding your credit profile, and getting back on track, a relatively short process. Obtaining high credit scores, credit cards, loan approvals, a new car, and a new home are not only possible, but are the goals we build into each customized action plan.


Your satisfaction is GUARANTEED and we put it in repair

Hear It From Our Customers

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    Joanie Donhoff

    I recently had the pleasure of working with Matt Mercurio and CreditRenovations. CreditRenovations has extensive knowledge regarding credit repair, credit scores, mortgages, underwriting, Ky Housing, FHA and real estate. READ MORE HERE...