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Credit Renovations Program
credit renovations

CreditRenovations Program™

Personal one-on-one attention, dedicated consultant, legal / financial / real estate resources. Customized "Action-Plans" built for each individual case. Let us do the work and help you achieve all your goals: High Credit Score, Personal Loans, Credit Cards, New Automobile, and A New Home. APPROVED. This program comes with a money-back gaurantee and we put it in writing!

Why wait?
Ready to raise your credit score? Get started here... book now
We meet with each client and personally develop an "Action-Plan" to obtain all the goals. Each FREE initial consultation visit consists of going over the client's credit-report in great detail, defining each of the goals the client wants to achieve, developing an "Action-Plan" to be successful, and then determing the time length in which it will take to complete the plan. After reviewing the plan and all the information, the client then decides whether they want to engage our services. No obligation at all. if the client decides to not engage our services, they keep all the information and "Action-Plan" for free. Plus we give each client a written money-back gaurantee!

Whether it is just checking a credit report to fix an issue, or it is a client trying to recover from a full-blown financial meltdown such as a bankruptcy or foreclosure, we can help. Not only can we help, but we can gaurantee the client will be happy with the end results. The CreditRenovations Program is a full-service, complete renovation of the client's credit profile, plus we do all the work for the client!

Let us help you obtain a high-credit score, get approved for new vehicles, and even get approved for; and buy a new home. We can do it all and we put it in writing. Don't wait any longer. Take back control of your credit profile and start enjoying everything you deserve! Whether you are local to the Louisville area and want a physical face-to-face meeting, or you live in another state and want a meeting by phone, we have the answer. Use the button above to schedule your FREE consultation visit today.