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Credit Renovation Service

Credit Repair Option








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Complete Credit Renovation
Dedicated experienced staff...we do the work for you.

Our staff is made up of experienced legal, financial, real estate, and credit profile professionals. Upon engagement of our team, we go to work immediately to restore and rebuild the client's credit profile. We handle everything from checking a credit report to complete finacial meltdown recovery services. Our clients have different needs and because everyone's situation is different, we have built a portfolio of services to cover most every need. Services ranging from: Raising credit scores, fighting disputes, suing creditors to obtaining credit cards, auto / personal loans, to buying a new home and approved home mortgages are included in our portfolio. Additionally, we do the work. We can help our clients raise a credit score or we can assist them in recovering from a severe finacial meltdown such as a bankruptcy, a foreclosure, or any other finacial crisis. Sometimes our clients require thorough knowledge and experience in dealing with a special issue such as suing a creditor or credit bureau. Our resources have the knowledge and experience to not only help in these types of circumstances, but typically are very succesful at securing settlements for ourt clients. Additionally, because our staff and resources bring knowledge, experience, and talent to each case, our portfolio of services allows our firm to literally be a "one-stop-shop." Our credit professionals take care of raising the client's credit score and cleaning up their profile, our legal resources help with any legal issue ranging from suing a creditor to filing bankruptcies, our financial professionals help our client's obtain credit cards, auto / personal loans at very low rates, and finally; our professional realtors help our client's find that perfect dream home. The initial consultation visit takes about an hour to review the client's situation and it is completely FREE. During this visit, an "action plan" is established with the client's goals in mind. The "Action-Plan" consists of credit scores and credit report information, steps to take to clean up the credit report and raise the credit score, and steps to take to obtain the "goal(s)" of the action-plan. Typically these goals include: a high credit score, an clean credit profile, securing auto and personal loans, obtaining credit cards, and getting into home-ownership. Each of these goals can be included in the "action plan" if the client so chooses, and then a time length will be determined to aquire all the objectives. If the client agrees, then services will commence and a small deposit will be required. If the client decides this is not for them, then they walk away and the "Action-Plan" is thiers to keep. Finally, we include in every "action plan", a written gaurantee which states, if the client is not satisfied, we simply refund the money - no questions asked.

Take control of your financial future today.

"Credit is a wonderful servant, but a terrible master."

Who's the boss --you or your credit?

With our CREDIT RENOVATION PROGRAM our clients will recieve...

  • Dedicated and personal one-on-one attention. - Each client is assigned an "Client Services Advocate" and they will receive around the clock support, advise, and consultation.
  • Customized Action Plans. - Each "Action-Plan" is built to suit each individual case. Obtaining credit cards, auto/personal loans, and home-ownership are just some of the goals along with the most important goal of raising the credit score and renovating the credit profile. Our proven system not only ensures a high credit score, but also positions the client to be approved for credit cards, auto loans, and even home mortgages.
  • An written money-back gaurantee. - We gaurantee each of our client's satisfaction with a no-questions asked, written money-back gaurantee. Our client's truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Finally, the money our clients spend with our company will return high returns on thier investment (ROI) when they raise thier credit score and renovate thier credit profile while cutting thier interest rates dramtically.


We truly want to help our clients get out from under paying high interest rates and being a slave to the credit scoring system. Click the button below to see our very affordable pricing for this option.


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